Writing Services

Do you need someone to develop, write or edit content for your organization’s newsletters, website, or house publications? To put together case studies or success stories that highlight your company’s achievements? To write about the people helped or affected by your cause? Perhaps you’re organizing a special event and need an extra hand to create promotional materials. Or you’d like an external person to take care of your blog, to free up your regular staff.

I provide a wide range of writing services to businesses and nonprofit organizations, adapted to your needs, goals, budget and deadlines.

During the many years we have worked with Eve Krakow, we have always been very pleased with her work. She is reliable, efficient, and always displays the utmost professionalism. Whether it is her journalistic rigour, her ability to understand, define and explain a topic, or the accuracy of her translations, Eve always exceeds our expectations. Kristell Le Martret

Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood Development


Putting science into everyday language:

In my work for the Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood Development, I interview researchers and clinicians, summarize scientific journal articles, and explain scientific findings in everyday language. The articles are published in a bulletin sent to parents, researchers, clinicians and policy makers.

Bulletin on Early Childhood Development, December 2013

CEECD logo

Content writing:

Working with PwC Canada’s marketing and content management team, I write and edit content for various platforms, including articles on social media, thought leadership pieces, blog posts, and industry reports.



Newsletters / Conference reporting: 

As a conference reporter and writer for Schoolscapes, a newsletter published by the Quebec Ministry of Education, I covered events and wrote articles to inform school administrators, teachers and education consultants. I also worked for some of their partner organizations.

Robotics Competition: “The bleachers are packed with hundred of cheering teenagers…” (Schoolscapes)

Teachers, Change Your Bait! (IDC Portfolio)


Better Beginnings, Better Futures is a large-scale project in Ontario to help young children in disadvantaged neighbourhoods. Commissioned by the Research Coordination Unit at Queen’s University, I developed an abridged version of their “Toolkit,” a guide for organizations that want to set up similar initiatives in their own communities.



Other projects:

I researched and wrote about Quebec artist and educator Anne Savage for the heritage project The Identity of English-speaking Quebec in 100 objects.

“The Plough” Anne Savage (1931-1933)